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Fat Loss Lifestyle

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Fat Loss Lifestyle provides a wide range of products and services to help individuals lose weight and stay healthy. The revolutionary brand offers a Weight Lifting Essentials video course and book, Reset, Reboot, Retreat workshops, and corporate wellness solutions. It also boasts an expansive collection of supplements. Fat Loss Lifestyle is the product of Darin Steen – a full-time personal trainer with over 21 years of experience in the industry. As a father of four and entrepreneur, Darin is always on the go.

After endless attempts trying to break into the supplements market, Darin couldn’t achieve long-term, sustainable success. He eventually partnered with Trulife Distribution to boost his sales and get his product in front of more consumers. He describes his experience with Trulife as “stress-fee” and admires our team’s responsiveness and creativity. Thanks to our strategic partnership, Darin now sells his supplements on some of the biggest retail channels, including Amazon and Walmart.

Darin proudly claims that the cash register is already starting to “cha-ching.” Our market expertise has given Darin well-deserved free time while enabling him to grow Fat Loss Lifestyle into a national brand. TruLife Distribution has successfully placed Darin’s products into the eyes of his target market, which has skyrocketed his sales across the board.

Fat Loss Lifestyle – Trulife Distribution Case Study
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