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FREEMAN FORMULA – Trulife Distribution case study

FREEMAN FORMULA – Trulife Distribution case study

Freeman Formula products deliver great results in brain/focus function, energy, and overall health and well-being. Freeman Formula is the product of many years of hard work by husband and wife fitness duo, Jeramy and Kim Freeman. The Freemans call themselves “Professional Goal Achievers,” and they have the experience to back up their claim. With over 25 years in the business of fitness and coaching, the Freemans have built a results-driven business model that put them on the map.

UPGRADEⓇ is an all-natural formula, boasting quality ingredients, designed to work with the body for reliable brain-boosting results. The Freemans call their shots an “Upgrade to your system” because their shots support mental clarity, by helping form connections in the brain, which leaves the body feeling awake, but not buzzed.

Trulife Distribution has successfully assisted with the launch of their lead SKU into many major regional FDM accounts across the USA.

Freeman Formula also needed assistance with launching their brand online, which Trulife Distribution accomplished seamlessly.

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