2020 a Banner Year for Immune Support Supplements as Sales Surge

2020 a Banner Year for Immune Support Supplements as Sales Surge

2020 has brought big changes for all of us, and firms everywhere are working to make the best of a new and challenging business environment. But with great challenges come great opportunities, and nowhere is this more true than the health and wellness industry. As consumers have developed greater awareness of the importance of maintaining healthy lifestyles, sales of nutritional supplement products have grown considerably, with the Financial Times noting a 16.7% year-over-year increase in July 2020 and Nutraceuticals World projecting 10% overall growth for the year.

Immune Support Products Lead the Way

In particular, sales of immune support supplements have surged as consumers look for new ways to protect themselves and their loved ones from COVID-related illness; Nutrition Business Journal estimates that sales in this segment alone will expand by more than 50% this year. In a world of uncertainty, immune support supplements are helping to give consumers greater peace-of-mind, and well-placed companies can benefit substantially from the immense interest in this product category.

While tried-and-true staples like vitamin C and zinc are still popular, consumers are increasingly open to more sophisticated approaches to immune support that combine a variety of natural ingredients. Well-branded, premium products like these can be offered at premium price points, so firms that take advantage of this trend can greatly enhance their profitability.

How Can My Product Stand Out?

But with the vast number of existing immune support products already on offer, you may wonder how your company can break through the noise. Firms might be unsure of how to best position their goods in an increasingly competitive market, and the research necessary to optimize these offerings might seem overly costly and time-consuming. International vendors may also be concerned about the complexities of introducing new products to the American marketplace, such as liability and regulatory compliance.

TruLife Can Help You Rise Above the Rest

At TruLife Distribution, we take the guesswork out of the equation, allowing your company to focus on its core competencies. With decades of collective experience in the health and wellness industry, our consulting professionals can help you find the right target audience at the right price point, working with you to fit your needs by developing specialized strategies for market penetration and brand management, while our expert marketing team can handle all aspects of your brand presence through digital marketing, social media, website creation, and more. Trulife’s established relationships with major brick-and-mortar retailers like Walmart, Target, and Whole Foods can guide your product to store shelves quickly, and our e-commerce professionals can help you gain top placement on the websites of leading online retailers like Amazon and Wish. TruLife also oversees the distribution process from start to finish, handling everything from warehousing, customs, and freight to liability insurance, FDA compliance, and regulatory review. With the wide variety of services we offer, TruLife can vastly streamline the process of bringing new products to market and can help your company focus on making high-quality products while maximizing profitability and growth.