International Services

Is it time for your product to enter the largest retail market in the world?

With over a decade of experience navigating the U.S. retail market, TruLife Distribution has the industry knowledge to help your business flourish. We handle the details, so you can focus on innovation. When it’s time to expand your product sales to the United States, turn to us for proven success for your campaign.

At TruLife, we specialize in streamlining the process of distribution in the United States market. From importing your products to launching a successful marketing campaign tailored to U.S. buyers, we are your one-stop-shop for health and beauty distribution.

TruLife complies with United States Food and Drug Administration regulations to ensure that your company meets all legal requirements for ingredients and materials. Our team of distribution professionals takes the complexity out of importation law and makes it simple for you to stay up to code.

Our product liability insurance keeps your brand secure from culpability in the United States as long as you are partnered with TruLife. The safety and success of your business is our highest concern.

TruLife Distribution is your base in the United States. We partner with United States Customs to handle your paperwork at every step of the import process, and store your products in our warehouse to rapidly distribute to retailers nationwide.

Our team has spent decades building connections within the U.S. market, so we’re able to get your products on shelves faster, and with better turnaround, creating high volume avenues of distribution. 

Sales Knowledge

Our team works to intimately understand your products and train sales representatives to speak knowledgeably and thoughtfully about your brand. TruLife partners keep business flowing by garnering ongoing interest in your product.


TruLife has a national network of brokers around the United States to get your product to prime locations. Our brokerage network is ready to assist in the effective distribution of your product.

Customs Assistance

TruLife helps you navigate U.S. customs by preparing your customs paperwork, and routing delivery to U.S. ports of entry to ship your product as efficiently as possible.

Transportation and Product Storage

TruLife helps you streamline the distribution process, to get your product on shelves in the United States quickly.

Establish Purchase Orders

TruLife maximizes your brand exposure by focusing on accounts best related to your product distribution in the United States.

Transportation Logistics

TruLife helps import your products from your country, to the U.S.


TruLife will field any and all claims related to the marketing of your product, in compliance with U.S. federal regulations.

Liability Protection

As long as you are under contract with TruLife, we keep you protected from sales and manufacturer liability claims.

Trademark Security

TruLife maintains our customers’ exclusive patent and product protection rights.

Market Success

TruLife will help strategize with your brand, making suggestions to keep you up to date in the current market.

Let us use our expertise to help your company navigate the intricacies of the United States retail market. TruLife Distribution is uniquely equipped with the experience and knowledge necessary to successfully and profitably sell your product in the United States. With decades of experience, our sales and distribution experts are your best path to a lucrative launch in the American retail market.

At TruLife, we are highly seasoned in every aspect of importation, marketing and product distribution. We provide every service necessary to sell your nutrition, skincare, health and wellness, or beauty products in the United States.

Selling products in the U.S. market requires careful adherence to specific laws, regulations and standards. Deviation from fundamental specifications can lead to legal issues and failure. This is why TruLife employs the highest level of industry specialists to ensure your product stands up to every requirement from the Food and Drug Administration and other

regulatory agencies. Our FDA professionals have decades of experience in ensuring compliance with ingredients, claims, and packaging. Furthermore, your brand will be covered by TruLife’s product liability insurance for the duration of our contractual partnership. This way, you can rest easy knowing that your product and company are protected in the United States.

During importation, our industry experts work closely with U.S. customs and prepare all necessary forms in declarations to ensure smooth, seamless entrance into the United States. As your U.S. headquarters, TruLife is prepared to house your products in our state-of-the-art, secure warehouse to avoid any delays in purchase order fulfillment.

We are prepared to move quickly and secure prompt placement of your product in the hands of key retail buyers. Our sales and distribution specialists will create a custom plan of action to ensure the most rapid and profitable connections to retail distribution channels possible. Our industry experts have spent many years cultivating strong relationships with major buyers which puts TruLife in a strategic position to successfully get your product sold into the largest retail market in the world.

FDA label compliance review – TruLife assists manufacturers in meeting federal government regulations, and industry standards in the United States.

Product line evaluation – TruLife will make product recommendations based on the established market, and existing competition.

Trademarking/Brand Protection – TruLife ensures that our clients maintain exclusive rights to their products and patents.

Product liability insurance – TruLife will protect you from claims related to the manufacture or sale of your products in the United States through the length of the contract.

Claims and regulatory review – TruLife will review any marketing claims made to ensure compliance with U.S. federal regulations.

TruLife will assist you in transporting products from your country of origin to the United States.
Customs assistance – TruLife will prepare the customs entry into a U.S. port and ensure delivery to specific destinations in the US.
Warehousing – TruLife offers a state of the art, climate controlled, 48,000 square foot warehouse an hour north of the port of Miami and a climate controlled, 250,000 square foot warehouse in Salt Lake City. Our warehouses are FDA registered, DEA validated, and extremely secure.
Speed to market/Sales velocity – TruLife will quickly place you in the US market and grow your sales.
National network of power brokers – TruLife has nationwide coverage when it comes to brokers capable of getting your products into the country’s most sought-after accounts. Our network of partners is strategically placed throughout the USA, and is fully equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to effectively present your product to senior buyers at major retail outlets.
Sales associate training – Product knowledge is crucial when promoting the features and benefits of specific brands to key accounts. Associates are educated about each product through regular regional sales meetings and open communication throughout the sales cycle. Our seasoned associates are experts in attracting retail buyers’ interest and turning that interest into purchase orders and consumer sales.
Procurement of purchase orders – We will obtain purchase orders from strategically targeted accounts that will provide your brand with critical exposure and begin to establish your brand’s profile in the U.S.