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Boldly Going Where No Man Has Gone Before: Blazing the E-commerce Trail

In our experience, the health and wellness industry is certainly one area that has felt this rapid acceleration in spades. The pandemic brought about a general uptick in interest, with more than three out of every four consumers increasing the priority of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

On the surface, the rapid growth of e-commerce isn’t surprising. After all, technology has been trending in that direction for decades now. However, the sudden surge in e-commerce importance over the last year has led to a few interesting tangential revolutions in the process. Nowhere is this more readily seen than in the area of personalization.

E-commerce Is Revolutionizing Personalization

Traditionally, personalization has been a rich man’s game. However, things like automation and computerization have made the individualization of products and services ever more accessible.

Now, with retailers of every kind migrating online, the e-commerce space is taking that personalization to the next level. As sales representatives look to engage with consumers via websites, emails, targeted ads, social media, and even text messages, more and more sales have become personal in nature.

Classic affluent companies like Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus have created online alternatives to previously high falutin personalized shopping experiences. Even in the health and wellness industry many of TruLife’s clients have found that they can offer highly specialized supplements and holistic health solutions through the online marketplace

The Biggest Challenge of E-Commerce

In most cases, the shift online has been for the better, as can be seen with the recent trends in personalization. In addition, online storefronts allow for near-infinite product display. The internet provides opportunities for the burgeoning virtual and augmented reality markets to come into play, as well, and automated solutions, like sales funnels and chatbots, can provide instant and effective service.

However, E-commerce isn’t just sunshine and roses. It has its drawbacks, too. Warehousing remains a natural concern as does maintaining a website — although organizations like Shopify and Amazon are making this easier.

While most of these concerns can be addressed without much trouble, there’s one issue that often persists. The single biggest challenge that most e-commerce companies face is the struggle of being seen.

In an increasingly saturated marketplace, it’s difficult for any company to stand out. Communicating the unique selling proposition associated with your brand or product can feel impossible. That’s where many have found that they need a leg up.

Enlisting TruLife’s Expertise

The need to be seen is precisely where TruLife comes into the picture. We provide access to a veteran team of professionals who share a deep experiential knowledge of the health and wellness industry. We also specialize in marketing, particularly to the United States consumer base.

From consulting to honing marketing strategy, managing social media, creating content, and helping with distribution — in both e-commerce and traditional brick-and-mortar locations — TruLife makes it a personal goal to ensure that its clients are seen by consumers. This provides the missing link, a helping hand, a gentle nudge that can lift a brand from “just another option” to an award-winning industry leader.