Doing Business At Home Or Abroad? TruLife Distribution Has You Covered. Thumb

Doing Business At Home Or Abroad? TruLife Distribution Has You Covered.

The Marketing And Distribution Agency Specializes In Promoting Both Domestic and International Brands In The US Marketplace

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., 6/10/21 TruLife Distribution is an American marketing and distribution agency that doesn’t shy away from a challenge. The enterprise is just two years old and has already successfully represented a number of brands from across the globe. The company focuses on the health and wellness sector of the market, where it has been helping both domestic and international brands flourish even in a saturated marketplace.

TruLife Distribution has positioned itself as “the key to success in the US market,” and with good reason. The Florida-based agency has created a comprehensive suite of services that can push any brand, domestic or international, straight into the spotlight of the US health and wellness marketplace.

This is no easy feat, as finding any traction in any area of the massive US retail market is a tall order. The marketplace reported $5 billion in retail sales in 2017 and is projected to reach $6 billion in the next few years. While this represents massive potential, it also indicates intense competition — something that founder and CEO Brian Gould is used to.

Gould may have founded TruLife Distribution in 2019, but the company is the manifestation of well over a decade of experience that the founder gained navigating the US retail market. Not only that, but Gould is a fourth-generation manufacturing and retail distribution professional. Marketing and distribution is a family tradition for him. It’s in his blood. Gould has also reinforced himself with a team of elite top industry leaders that give his company a cutting-edge advantage like no other.

TruLife Distribution has created an impressive full-service brand management, marketing, and distribution agency that can cut through the clutter of the North American health and wellness marketplace. Not only that, but Gould’s company doesn’t play favorites at home or abroad. TruLife Distribution has regularly taken on both domestic and international brands and promoted them with resounding success to both major brick-and-mortar retailers as well as giant e-commerce platforms.

With a growing client base that spans both its home country and the globe besides, TruLife Distribution is positioned to thrive in the months and years ahead as it represents a global portfolio of clients that are all worthy of the national spotlight.

About TruLife Distribution:

TruLife Distribution was founded by CEO Brian Gould in 2019 and operates out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The full-service marketing and distribution agency provides a growing number of services that help to promote both domestic and international emerging health and wellness brands.