How the Right Connections Can Make or Break Your Marketing Efforts

How the Right Connections Can Make or Break Your Marketing Efforts

Modern marketing is an evolving concept. As technology shifts and new communications emerge, marketers must find new ways to adapt them into their ongoing strategies.

This perpetual change can lead to a certain level of inconsistency — especially for a small business. Limited resources, time, and manpower can make it hard to maintain a steady message as you chase consumers from one medium to the next.

If you’re a small- or medium-sized business that is trying to create an effective integrated marketing strategy, there is a key factor that can make or break your efforts: experience.

How Experience Makes a Difference in Marketing

Everyone knows that experience is important — at least in theory. When it comes to marketing in the 21st century, though, the maturity that comes from past industry knowledge is often overlooked.

Instead, marketing becomes focused on things like novel promotional strategies and cutting-edge tech tools. But at the end of the day, it isn’t a fancy new social platform or a single viral blog post that is going to keep your marketing alive and well.

Don’t get us wrong. Digital marketing, analytics, and other innovative tactics are all critical to success. But more is needed if you want your marketing to thrive in perpetuity.

Modern marketing requires long-term experience and the battle-scarred mindset that comes with it. Tapping into the sophistication and wisdom of an experienced marketing mind can improve a team’s promotional strategy by:

  • Avoiding common mistakes, like spreading yourself too thin or choosing ineffective marketing channels.
  • Adapting to results in real-time based on a deep understanding of past and present factors.
  • Streamlining marketing activities and maximizing the impact of each effort through detailed industry knowledge.
  • Accessing a growth mindset that is always ready to learn from the past and explore the future.

In other words, when you are able to bring a source of well-established experience into the mix — as is the case with TruLife’s suite of marketing services — you aren’t just offloading gruntwork to someone else. You’re recruiting seasoned veterans who will be able to capitalize on their own past and present experiences to promote your future success.

Why Connections Are Key

In all this talk about experience, there’s one major item that stands out above the rest. Having connections has become more valuable than any amount of cash or cleverness. If you have an in with the right people, it can keep you in the center of the market’s current as it shifts over time.

This is a factor that TruLife Distribution values above all else. In the words of TruLife Distribution founder Brian Gould, “It’s really a matter of building relationships. All of my years in the business means nothing if I don’t have a solid relationship with the buyers I’m talking to –  it’s about mutual trust.”

TruLife Distribution’s relationship with strong retailers is an advantage that can only come through long years spent cultivating connections in the health and wellness industry. This opens up numerous marketing avenues that many smaller high-quality brands typically don’t have as an option.

There are many elements that go into a healthy marketing strategy. And yet, experience is too often left off the list. However, the deep wisdom and intimate relationships that experience offers are often the differentiating factor. They’re the key component that makes or breaks marketing strategies over the long haul.

For the team at TruLife Distribution, it’s yet another edge that we can offer their clients to help them cut through the clutter of a crowded marketplace.