How to Make Your Product Stand Out in a Crowded Market

2020 a Banner Year for Immune Support Supplements as Sales Surge

Know Your Audience

The first step to crafting a successful brand is knowing your audience find the target audiences that your brand can successfully appeal to. For example, 40-year-old married, suburban mothers will almost certainly have very different tastes and approaches to health & wellness than most 20-something single men. Anticipate which demographic your product will most appeal to and adjust your brand strategy accordingly. Firms might even consider marketing similar products to multiple demographics through the use of tailored branding for each one.

Be Original!

Your product will almost invariably be in competition with many others that have similar uses and target audiences. Having original branding is a helpful way to ensure that consumers pick your product over the others in your market segment. Of course, this doesn’t mean that overly-flashy colors and gaudy label designs are necessary to draw the eyes of consumers, but it does require that you differentiate your product from others in a way that projects trust, confidence, and effectiveness. Focusing on the unique qualities and strengths of your product and giving consumers the positive sense that “this one is not like the others” can help them make the decision to choose your product first.

Create a Connection with Your Customers

Oftentimes, especially in the health & wellness space, consumers aren’t just looking to buy a product but to identify with a lifestyle; they want to find a brand that makes them feel good. By utilizing the language of relatable human themes and experiences, brands can foster a connection that will help people gravitate toward your product. Customers also value authenticity, so a subtle touch is required to convey the kind of emotional resonance that can help draw them in. And once you’ve zeroed in a promising approach, it’s important to maintain a consistent message and tone across your marketing platforms in order to solidify that connection in the minds of consumers.

TruLife Can Help You Sharpen Your Message

With our extensive knowledge of the health & wellness market, TruLife can help you discover the best way to synthesize your brand’s distinct qualities into a captivating message that will help you appeal to your target demographics. We have decades of collective experience crafting brand strategies for a variety of different product types and target demographics, and whether it’s online or on the shelf, our consulting and distribution experts will make sure that your product is seen by the right audience.