Nutritional supplement distributor in US

Nutritional Supplement Distributor in the US

Finding the right nutritional supplement distributor in the United States can be difficult. Furthermore, the nutritional supplement market is extremely competitive. We do, however, have a solution: TruLife Distribution is the key to success in the US nutritional supplement market. TruLife Distribution is quickly adapting and innovating the way to mass distribution, consulting, PR, and marketing operations across the United States. By targeting multiple online retailers as well as brick-and-mortar stores simultaneously, we provide more sales opportunities than ever before!

US FDA Regulations: Nutritional Supplement Companies Require a Registered FDA Agent

But more importantly, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires all nutritional supplement companies that do not have a presence in the United States to appoint a registered US FDA Agent. Your US Agent serves as a liaison between your company and the FDA. The US FDA Agent acts as an intermediary between the FDA and foreign companies. Consequently, your FDA agent is paramount to the success of any regulatory implementation that can have a profound influence on your nutritional supplement business. We at TruLife Distribution are a registered FDA agent: our team of nutritional supplement distributor experts will help you navigate the complexities of FDA compliance, importing protocols, liability insurance coverage, and all other requirements for a successful venture into the US market.

TruLife Distribution Your Nutritional Supplement Distributor

TruLife Distribution (TLD) is a nutritional supplement distributor with over 100 years of combined experience servicing retail accounts in the US. We at TruLife Distribution pride ourselves on our strong team of nutritional supplement industry experts and partners who understand the nutritional supplement marketplace.

Our CEO, Brian Gould, is a health and wellness distribution executive with a 15-year history in the industry. Gould, the distribution wunderkind, began his career representing 20 brands across 100 retail stores in the American Southwest. Brian was instrumental in developing Amazon’s Nutrition and Sports Nutrition sales categories in its early years. Brian, a rising star in his field, went on to accept a position with nutritional products international, a health and wellness distributor. In 2019, he founded TruLife Distribution, which provides services across the health and wellness industry, with a particular emphasis on the dietary health supplements, functional food, skincare, and nutritional beverage industries.

Our TLD nutritional supplement distributor team includes sales and marketing professionals, FDA compliance officers, and nutritional ingredient authorities. This well-rounded team helps ensure successful distribution to leading nutritional supplement retail markets throughout the country. With their vast knowledge and understanding of the nutritional supplement industry, TruLife Distribution is a trusted partner for nutritional supplement distribution.

The Benefits of Signing with TruLife Distribution

At TruLife Distribution, our commitment to excellence begins with a streamlined importation process to ensure products are compliant with US regulations. The team has extensive experience dealing with international shipments, working closely with suppliers from across the globe to ensure quality control and product safety. After importing products into the US market, our nutritional supplement distribution team uses its broad network of industry contacts to get products placed in top retail locations nationwide.

Marketing Strategies

As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, Trulife Distribution invests in marketing strategies that increase product visibility and build brand awareness for their client’s nutritional supplement brands. In addition to utilizing traditional methods such as print advertisements, TruLife Distribution also utilizes online marketing including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC), Website Creation & Management, and more. These strategies work together to create an effective campaign that increases product visibility at multiple levels for your nutritional supplement.

In addition to nutritional supplement distribution services, TruLife Distribution also offers full-scale promotional support for clients’ nutritional brands. This includes providing product demonstration services at trade shows, hosting consumer events for new product launches and promotions, developing creative print materials such as brochures or flyers, as well as creating branding materials such as banners or billboards. Through these efforts, TruLife Distribution works hard to bring client brands maximum exposure in order to generate sales growth and increase profits.

Customize Plans

At TruLife Distribution, we understand that each nutritional supplement brand has unique needs when it comes to distribution strategy so we customize plans according to each client’s goals while still maintaining high standards of quality control throughout the entire process. With dedication and expertise in nutritional supplement distribution combined with cutting-edge marketing strategies, TruLife Distribution ensures that our customers will benefit from top-notch service every step of the way – from start-up companies just entering into the nutrition supplement market all the way up to established names looking for experienced hands on deck.

We handle the details, so you can focus on innovation. When it’s time to expand your product sales to the United States, turn to us for proven success for your campaign.

Why is TruLife Distribution the Number One Nutritional Supplement Distributor?

TruLife Distribution was created to solve the problem many brands have when trying to enter and succeed in a constantly changing and highly competitive retail marketplace. With our extensive knowledge of how retail works, we help get products placed on major online retailer sites like and – two of the biggest names in e-commerce today. Selling through these types of websites is crucial for businesses, as giants like Walmart are expected to see their online sales more than double; going from $15 billion made in 2018 all the way up to $38 billion by 2020.

TruLife Distribution offers instant access to sales on Amazon, Walmart, Rakuten, Wish, TopHatter, and more! With Trulife Distribution you can list, ship, and sell your products globally on some of the world’s most popular e-commerce marketplaces. Our TruLife nutritional supplement distributor team has plenty of experience placing brands from all corners of the earth with big online retailers. Our nutritional supplement distributor team will help you plan out the vision, strategy, and objectives required for success in a fast-paced ecosystem that is always changing.

With TruLife Distribution as your ally, the US nutritional supplement market is at your fingertips! Unlock this gateway and start chasing after those dreams of yours today.

Experience the success of our nutritional supplement partners at TruLife Distribution and experience it for yourself. Visit our website and listen to our verified partners who will share their achievements with TruLife Distribution as their trusted nutritional supplement distributor.