Pandemic Accelerates E-Commerce Revolution in Health and Wellness

Pandemic Accelerates E-Commerce Revolution in Health and Wellness

As COVID concerns continue to dominate 2020, many consumers are still understandably wary of shopping at brick-and-mortar retail establishments. Consequently, online retailers have seen an unprecedented explosion in sales that has reshaped the retail landscape as we know it, and nowhere is this more true than in the health and wellness space. According to a recent survey by the New Hope Network, 77% of consumers agreed that their concern about maintaining healthy lifestyles was greater this year than in 2019, and 33% said nutritional supplements are more important to them than ever. Analysts at Nutrition Business Journal predict that online sales of nutritional supplements will grow by more than 60% in 2020 alone, compared to only 7% growth in brick-and-mortar retail sales. One might assume that this is merely a temporary trend with a temporary cause, but most experts believe that the pandemic is actually accelerating a permanent shift in consumer behavior towards online retail. By 2023, online nutritional supplement sales are expected to more than double, with e-commerce eventually accounting for 20% of all sales (compared to only 10% in 2019).

Online Retail Opportunities Abound, but How to Navigate a Competitive Marketplace?

The rise of e-commerce presents enormous opportunities for large and small businesses alike, but firms need to be aware of the ways in which online retail fundamentally differs from distribution through traditional merchants. Unlike brick-and-mortar stores with limited shelf space, online retailers are able to offer much broader selection of products, limited in many cases only by distribution and warehousing capacity. And with the advent of third-party sellers working through major online retailers like Amazon and Walmart, the level of product selection seems practically unlimited. This, of course, presents an obvious question: when consumers are presented with an almost infinite variety of products to choose from, how can you ensure that your brand comes out on top? How can you effectively communicate the clear benefits of your product over others in the health and wellness space, preventing consumers from experiencing the dread of “decision paralysis”?

TruLife Distribution Has the Answers

The answer to this question is simpler than you might think. The key is to partner with experienced marketing, consulting, and distribution teams who have deep knowledge of the online retail landscape and a solid background in the health and wellness industry. TruLife Distribution provides all of this and more, offering modern solutions to the modern problems of e-commerce. Our retail experts work with the most trusted online marketplaces to ensure that your brand maintains high visibility, while also collaborating with traditional brick-and-mortar retailers to make your product available at a wide array of different outlets. Trulife’s skilled marketing team can manage every aspect of your brand presence from social media to search engine optimization, making sure that your brand retains maximum credibility with consumers. Our consulting professionals will work with you to develop unique strategies that build on your brand’s core strengths and help further consumer understanding of the exceptional value of your product. In other words, Trulife provides all the tools needed to position your firm for success and profitability in an increasingly competitive marketplace, both online and offline.