Top Nutritional Supplement Trends of 2020

Top Nutritional Supplement Trends of 2020

The nutritional supplement market is constantly in flux. While some supplement staples retain broad long-term popularity, one can always count on new trends replacing old ones as generations evolve and tastes change. This means that firms can never afford to be complacent. In a fast-paced industry like health & wellness. Today’s top-seller could become yesterday’s news before you know it.  At TruLife, it’s our job to stay informed of the latest market developments and anticipate up-and-coming trends. Helping our clients navigate an increasingly complex business environment. With this in mind, we can confidently give you the inside dish on some of the hottest trends of the year.

Immune, Sleep, & Stress Supplements Surge as COVID Changes Consumer Habits

With the ongoing pandemic turning peoples’ lives and habits upside-down. Consumers are looking for new health & wellness solutions to help them cope with an increasingly stressful year. Immune support supplements have seen immense growth as people understandably seek better ways to boost their bodies’ natural defenses against illness; Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ) forecasts a more than 50% increase in sales for this segment alone. However, another less obvious trend resulting from COVID has been the significant growth in sleep and anxiety-focused supplements. As working from home disrupts natural sleep rhythms and new stresses like job insecurity and childcare are taxing consumers’ ability to cope, many are flocking to these products to help them deal with the burdens of unexpected lifestyle changes. As such, the sleep supplement segment is projected by NBJ to grow more than 30% this year. With mood and stress-focused supplements following close behind at 29.8%.

CBD Growth Continues as Market Matures

CBD products have represented a promising growth segment for several years now, and this market is expected to experience significant expansion in the near-term. With NBJ projecting that hemp CBD product sales will more than quadruple to $2.8 billion by 2023. CBD is now legal in nearly all US states, and as consumers gain greater understanding of the many potential benefits of CBD. These products have become nearly ubiquitous, having made the leap from specialty shops to more common retail outlets like gas stations and convenience stores. While this means there are more opportunities than ever to market CBD supplements, it may be harder to get noticed as the market becomes saturated with options and consumers begin to solidify their purchasing habits. That said, a recent poll by Natural Foods Merchandiser showed that 77% of natural product retailers expressed positive sentiments about the CBD market outlook for 2020, so there is still plenty of potential for new, well-branded CBD products to spark consumer interest.

TruLife Helps You Keep Up with Changing Trends

With our extensive market research in the health & wellness space. TruLife can help your firm take advantage of the latest trends and cater to constantly changing consumer tastes. As experienced nutrition professionals and supplement consumers ourselves. We can help your firm discern between fleeting fads and enduring market changes, ensuring that you target your resources in the most effective way possible. With our unique expertise and the wide variety of marketing, consulting, and distribution services we offer. TruLife can give you the tools to outmaneuver rival firms and secure your place in a competitive field.