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TruLife Distribution Expands Its Distribution Capacity Across The United States

The Wunderkind Marketing And Distribution Agency Now Has Warehouses In Three Key Locations Across The U.S.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., 8/3/21 TruLife Distribution was founded as an agency keyed in on all things marketing and distribution. While the brand has already established itself as an expert in both realms, that hasn’t stopped founder Brian Gould from pushing for further growth in every way possible. This has led to an expanding team, a growing list of clients, and a solid distribution network that now includes warehouses in Florida, Tennessee, and soon-to-be Utah.

Distribution and marketing can be tricky subjects. Many brands have signed on with third-party agencies only to find that initial promises of unbounded success and sky-high sales were little more than smoke and mirrors. This is a large part of what inspired entrepreneur and retail veteran Brian Gould to launch his company TruLife Distribution.

From the beginning, Gould’s objective with TruLife Distribution has been to effectively help both national and international brands enter the U.S. market. This goal is what lies behind TruLife Distribution’s impressive list of services, including:

● Public relations;
● Social media management;
● Retailer brand presentations;
● Product evaluation and consultations;
● Brand and reputation management;
● Warehousing and 3PL services;
● FDA compliance;
● E-commerce and brick and mortar product sales.

TruLife Distribution has also built a robust distribution network that includes access to a top Amazon seller account as well as physical inventory in the brand’s three warehouses. These are strategically located in Miami, Tennessee, and soon-to-be Utah. This equips the company with the ability to ship to any area of the nation quickly and at a moment’s notice. TruLife Distribution will deepen its relationships within the United States and globally across the Southern Hemisphere by opening a new location in Scottsdale, Arizona in the near future.

Gould is able to offer this synergistic suite of distribution and marketing services thanks to the vast depth of experience that he brings to his emerging enterprise. The owner is a fourth-generation veteran in the manufacturing and retail industries. He also has countless previously existing relationships with major retailers throughout the nation.

These factors, backed up by Gould’s growing team of professionals, have allowed TruLife Distribution to steadily make waves in the health and wellness industry since day one. As the company continues to build momentum, there’s no telling how high its ceiling may be at this point, especially considering the fact that TruLife Distribution, itself, takes great pride in taking brands “to the next level.”

About TruLife Distribution:

TruLife Distribution was founded in 2019. Its primary objective is to help its clients increase their distribution capacity, boost their promotional campaigns, reduce overhead costs, and streamline their U.S.-based sales in both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retailers.