TruLife Distribution Takes Its Customers Around the World

Most clients see TruLife as a distribution channel focused on bringing attention to its clients within the United States — and make no mistake, that part of our operation is very much alive and well. We have numerous international clients that we’re constantly shepherding into the U.S. marketplace.

The part that most people miss, though, is the fact that our distribution services go both ways. We aren’t just equipped to bring brands into America. We are also experts at exporting U.S. health, food, and beverage brands around the world.

TruLife Distribution’s Export Expertise

Our founder, Brian Gould, is a distribution master. The CEO has spent over 16 years in the manufacturing and distribution world. He’s also backed up by three generations of family members who were proficient in the same field.

Gould’s vision for TruLife Distribution has always been to help businesses realize their full potential through both robust national and international distribution channels.

When it comes to the company’s exporting prowess, we like to sum things up through a few important facts and figures:

  • TruLife has a database of over 15,000 pre-screened distributors around the world.
  • We work with importers, manufacturers, retailers, and others in a whopping 130 different export markets.
  • Our founder has nearly twenty years of experience and wisdom in the distribution and marketing worlds.
  • Our larger TruLife team adds decades of further experience in countless areas, from sales to social media, PR to product management, and beyond.

This repertoire of experience and resources allows us to champion our North American clients effectively. We are able to put real power behind meaningful strategies as we promote and distribute our clients’ goods and services across the international landscape.

The number of channels, industries, and categories that we work with is also expansive. We are used to managing anything from supplements to snack brands and everything in between.

Finding Momentum with TruLife Distribution

Our exporting philosophy is simple. We want to reduce the uncertainty that often comes with international expansion.

Brands too often opt to tepidly scale into the global marketplace on their own. We offer a way to supercharge that process. This enables companies to rapidly tap into an international market that is billions of consumers strong.

Throughout that process, our job is to keep tabs on the dry-yet-essential behind-the-scenes activities. From warehousing to shipping, logistics, marketing strategy, and much more, we take the pressure off of international expansion and let you focus on what matters most: your products and services.

Ready to go global? Check out our export program now!