Why a Comprehensive Distribution Strategy Is Essential to Success

Why a Comprehensive Distribution Strategy Is Essential to Success

The world has been globalizing at breakneck speeds in recent years. Technology, in particular, has served to bring both companies and individuals together from around the world.

The concept of economic globalization is great in many respects, but it does create some interesting new challenges. Nowhere are these more obvious than in the area of distribution.

At this point, there is a near-endless number of markets, customer demographics, and third-party vendors in existence. This can lead to a case of analysis paralysis when you’re looking to distribute your wares to consumers.

What Holistic Distribution Looks Like

With so many options out there, it’s easy to find one that works and then stick with it. Too many small- and medium-sized businesses latch onto a single distribution lifeline. They fully focus on website sales, a big-wig vendor, or some other single sales outlet.

However, putting all of your eggs into one basket in this way means two different things:

  • First, it leaves you open to serious problems if that one distribution channel fails in the future.
  • Second, it stunts your growth by holding you back from other distribution options.

With such an overwhelming number of channels available, it’s easy to simply pick something that works and stick with it. And don’t get us wrong, you definitely want to utilize profitable distribution channels. However, you don’t want to stop there.

Optimizing and Streamlining the Distribution Process

Understanding the need for a more holistic distribution network doesn’t resolve the initial problem of having too many choices. If you’re a smaller company, you can’t always take the time to invest in finding the best channels to grow your network.
online and brick-and-mortar distribution solutions.

Not only that, but TruLife’s deep industry knowledge and robust network optimizes and streamlines the distribution process. In other words, it enables smaller companies to distribute their goods on the same scale as a larger corporate contender.

In the words of founder and CEO Brian Gould “our goal is to streamline the experience – we handle importation, warehousing, press, media, sales, and distribution of natural products.” Gould goes on to explain that TruLife functions as “a full-service agency offering product distribution, public relations, digital media marketing, and social media management. We’re basically a one-stop shop for expanding your sales in the U.S.”

Creating a product is already an impressive feat. When it comes to finding ways to distribute that product to a global audience, though, that can feel overwhelming.

Even so, that doesn’t mean you should settle for a weak, ineffective, or undersized distribution network. Instead, take the TruLife approach. Build a holistic, comprehensive network that takes advantage of a global market with near-infinite potential.