Why Adaptation Is an Essential Key to Success

Why Adaptation Is an Essential Key to Success

In the modern business world, a single plan won’t get you anywhere. It doesn’t matter how well you conduct your market research. Sooner or later you’ll run into the unexpected.

What’s that old maxim? Even the best-laid plans go astray.

We’ve found that strict, inflexible planning is short-sighted and often a recipe for disaster. Instead, we’ve developed a marketing and distribution philosophy that is flexible and able to adapt to the current state of the market. It combines diverse, large-scale promotion with comprehensive behind-the-scenes logistics. It also leans heavily on quality personnel who are able to adapt to the circumstances and apply their expertise regardless of the situation.

Adapting in the Retail Market: An Example

A good example of the need to adapt comes from the ECRM conference.

ECRM (Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing) is a series of programs that take place throughout the year. These events help to expose larger retailers to new products that they can sell in their stores.

When the coronavirus pandemic began, ECRM was forced to shift to a virtual format. Without skipping a beat, Gould and company adapted to the situation. They set up video meetings, tailored their presentations for a remote format, and continued to “pound the pavement” online.

The ability to do this without an issue came from our team’s inherent capability to remain flexible.

Once again, TruLife Distribution isn’t married to a single formula for success. On the contrary, our team was able to shift online so easily partly due to our comprehensive approach to marketing and distribution.

TruLife Distribution’s Holistic Perspective of Marketing and Retail

From its inception, TruLife Distribution has been a company that thrives on flexibility. It takes one look at our far-reaching list of services to see that we don’t have a restrictive approach to success.

In other words, this isn’t a “my way or the highway” scenario. TruLife Distribution is built to adapt to the needs of clients rather than the other way around.

Take as an example, our retail sales strategy. When we bring on a new client, we work quickly to get their products listed across the internet. This includes dozens of well-established e-commerce sites, including a top Amazon seller account.

While this does wonders in taking a company to the next level, though, it’s really just the beginning. From there, the TruLife Distribution team utilizes our extensive list of established relationships with some of the strongest brick-and-mortar retail leaders in the U.S.

This doesn’t just increase the number of sales channels available. It also allows us to test the waters and discover the areas of the market where a product is received the best. Our approach to marketing is similarly diverse. It consists of a comprehensive strategy that capitalizes on various elements such as social media, PPC advertising, working with influencers, SEO, and running PR campaigns.

From finding the right marketing channels to shifting distribution strategies based on market conditions, we’re able to do more than just serve as a logistical arm for our clients. We also work hard to ensure that our services deliver a powerful sense of adaptability, no matter how big or small an enterprise might be.

By remaining open-minded and holistic in our approach, TruLife Distribution has been able to create a marketing and distribution philosophy that is able to deliver on one of the most essential keys to business success: we can adapt. You should, too.