Another Ship Runs Aground

Another Ship Runs Aground

We recently conducted a rundown on why shipping is one of the most important supply chains of them all. The world moves on water. Massive amounts of commodities and products are shipped around the waterways of the world. This keeps other parts of the supply chain flowing and countless industries moving in the process.

At least, those are the results when the shipping channels are clear and open for smooth sailing.

The Ever Forward Runs Aground

Ships run aground. It’s happened for ages. It still happens, too.

Case in point: in March of last year, the gargantuan shipping container vessel Ever Given got stuck while passing through the Suez Canal. The ship blocked the critical juncture between the Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea for several days before it was finally dislodged.

In the summer of that same year, it passed through the canal again, this time without incident. Even so, some were quick to point out that mere months after the event, neither the canal nor the shipping industry had done much to address many of the problems that led to the catastrophic accident in the first place.

Fast forward precisely one year. In March of 2022, the Ever Forward, another ship owned by the same company and referred to as a “sister vessel” of the Ever Given, ran aground in the Chesapeake Bay.

This time the event was less disruptive. No major waterways were blocked and there weren’t any injuries or serious damage or pollution caused. Even so, at the time of this writing, the ship had defied rescue attempts and was still lying stuck off the coast three weeks after the initial accident.

The Ever Forward will eventually be freed and set back on its course. But the larger lessons shouldn’t be lost, particularly on business owners who depend on the supply chain to keep their businesses running. Within days of the anniversary of the Ever Given running aground, we’re reminded once again how fragile the world’s supply chains can be.

Supply Chain Disruption Is a Perpetual Concern

There are many reasons to worry about supply chains besides grounded ships. The pandemic has wreaked havoc on the flow of goods and commodities around the world, with China’s zero-covid policies having a particularly bad impact on the global economy.

A recent strike of train workers, yard workers, conductors, and engineers also threatened to severely throttle Canadian Pacific Railway’s operations and impact shipping on the west coast. Fortunately, in that case, the issue was resolved before things got out of hand.

Whether each incident ends in a catastrophe or not, though, these threats are always appearing. As a business owner, it can be intimidating figuring out what to do to react to each piece of news.

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