EveryDay Life Division

Distribution Powerhouse Expands Reach Into New Categories

Due to the recent success TruLife Distribution has experienced this past year in the health and wellness sector in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic with notable brands such as RARI Nutrition, Freeman Formula, and Dance2Fit Nutrition — TruLife is now pleased to announce the official launch of our EveryDay Life Division. Consumers are staying home and shopping online more than ever before so we have now opened the doors for companies across all categories to establish a strong e-commerce presence by leveraging our existing vendor relationships.

Visibility is Credibility

For many consumers, visibility is credibility: One of the major benefits to listing products across multiple platforms simultaneously is that products build up reviews and customer feedback at a rate like never before in the history of sales. Regardless of where the customer places their order, one web search will yield a wealth of choices in terms of platforms, casting a larger net and reeling in a larger customer base.

Endless Capabilities To Meet Your Brand’s Needs

TruLife has the capacity to provide the following services: importation, warehousing, fulfillment, and management of products for both e-commerce and brick and mortar distribution all under one umbrella. In addition, we offer a wide array of marketing and digital media services to help manage and enhance your products’ visibility once online listings or in-store purchase orders have been secured by successfully implementing internal promotional programs. In addition to our robust 3PL service and current e-commerce relationships, we also possess the ability to expand your products’ reach into the largest brick and mortar chains across the United States.

National network of power brokers

TruLife has nationwide coverage when it comes to brokers capable of getting your products into the country’s most sought-after accounts. Our network of partners is strategically placed throughout the USA and is fully equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to effectively present your product to senior buyers at major retail outlets.

Brian Gould, TruLife CEO and Founder

Brian Gould, TruLife CEO and founder, is a 4th generation manufacturing and retail distribution professional with over 15+ years of experience in CPG sales and marketing. He has helped hundreds of brands globally achieve distribution success. Brian played a key role in developing Amazon’s sales categories for a plethora of brands before the e-commerce giant was a household name. He has previously representated 20 lawn and garden brands in over 100 retail Home Depot stores in the American Southwestern region from the very beginning of his career.  In addition, he has been attending several ECRM conferences each year dating back as far as 2009 where he has successfully cultivated longstanding buyer relationships that continue to this day.

COVID-19 Pandemic Shifts Focus To E-Commerce

During the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers have turned to online shopping at an unprecedented rate. Sales across all categories have seen a significant increase from previous years. Though online retail sales have risen in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic as more consumers seek safe ways to shop from home, the e-commerce market has been on a steady upward trend for years, accounting for over 14% of total global retail. E-commerce is unequivocally here to stay so we have decided to open the doors to brands across all categories that are seeking assistance to launch their products online in addition to brick and mortar stores. 

Below is a list of most but not all categories we are now currently representing in TruLife’s EveryDay Life Division:

Consumer Packaged Goods​

Lawn & Garden​

Hardware & Tools​


Pool & Patio

Sporting Goods

Toys & Education​



Home Improvement​

Office Supplies​

Travel Goods​