How to Maintain Vision for Your Business Over Time

It’s easy to create an inspiring mission statement and vocalize a clear vision when you’re starting a business. You might be passionate about bringing sustainability to a certain area of the health and wellness market or exploring the health-related application of new technological breakthroughs. Over time, though, that vision can start to get blurred. Even […]

4 Tips to Avoid Making Emotional Decisions as a Business Leader

The news cycle has been talking about recessions and inflation on an endless loop in recent months. Some days, the news is pretty good. On other days, pundits spend the bulk of their time prophesying the end of the world. In either case, it’s easy for business owners to feel their emotions stirred up as […]

How to Set (and Achieve) New Year’s Resolutions as a Business

New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for individuals. You can also set goals and objectives for your business in the year ahead. However, as is the case with personal resolutions, setting a goal doesn’t guarantee that you’ll achieve it. On the contrary, if you don’t put in a little effort, your resolutions will end up little […]

3 Tips to Make Your Business Recession Proof

In mid-November, Goldman Sachs put the odds of a recession in 2023 at a balmy 35%. Just one month later, Bloomberg was reporting a number twice as high. Regardless of whether you’re looking at an optimistic or pessimistic report, the chance of a recession in the year ahead is on everyone’s minds. If you’re concerned […]