What Is ECRM? (And Why Is It Important for Health and Wellness Retail Success?)

At Trulife Distribution, we have created a blueprint for mass distribution in the health and wellness industry. Our approach scales promising nutraceutical brands using a combination of targeted e-commerce, digital marketing, and brick-and-mortar retailer placement. That final item comes from our established network of retailers as well as our regular attendance at ECRM conferences. If […]

Are You Using Press Releases in Your Marketing?

There are many ways to market a brand online. Content marketing is a particularly effective option, but even then, there are many forms of content to choose from. Press releases are one content marketing option that is often misunderstood. Here is a quick rundown of what press releases are, how they compare to other forms […]

The Importance of Digital PR In Marketing

Modern marketing is a multifaceted activity. Campaigns include digital tools like emails, social posts, and blog articles. Behind the scenes, things like SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click can drive organic and paid traffic to your campaigns. After the fact, data and analytics can help you identify what worked and where you can make […]

What Is Growth Marketing (and How Can It Help Your Company?)

Everyone knows what marketing is. It’s the purposeful promotion of a business to create awareness, attract customers, and increase sales. One phrase that has been buzzing in business circles for a while now, though, is growth marketing. Of course, the goal of all marketing is to spark growth. So how is growth marketing different from […]