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Gen-X helps builds Muscle!!! Customized supplements that are designed to help build muscle. Gen-X Muscle is a nutrition company based out of Grayson, Georgia. The brand partners with local and national fitness facilities, personal trainers, and health professionals to provide high quality nutritional products based on their clients and customers’ needs. Gen-X Muscle also sell its products directly from its website and Amazon store.

Gen-X Muscle is led by author, pro athlete, and fitness tech consultant, George Dorsey. George has been in the health and fitness industry for over 30 years and has studied, researched, and personally experienced the physiological changes which occur through the natural aging process. As a highly competitive athlete, George continues to excel athletically through the creation and use of Gen-X Muscle products. He has helped thousands to reach their personal health and fitness goals.

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George Dorsey CEO of GenX-Muscle's Testimony on Brian Gould / TruLife Distribution