Beaverbrookusa Trulife case study

Beaver Brook USA

With a strong focus on health and wellness in recent years, online sales have exploded in the booming nutritional supplement market. Beaver Brook has been providing high quality supplements for the D2C market since early 2018 and through various e-commerce platforms. Beaver Brook has kept pace with the growing demand, all while building a loyal consumer base through a seamless online shopping experience. Customers for dietary supplements have more incentive to buy with free shipping on all Beaver Brook products. This commitment to its customers has paid off immensely with MoM and YoY sales on the site trending up nicely. 

Beaver Brook credits its winning formula in part to the team at TruLife. To date, the online retailer leverages TruLife’s comprehensive suite of logistics solutions and digital marketing expertise to help manage marketplaces, boost product visibility, monitor its competitors, and continually refine its e-commerce strategy for peak performance.

The Situation

Stay-at-home orders worldwide seemed to shift consumer behavior overnight. This forced some brands and retailers to suddenly shutter their brick-and-mortar operations and make a hard pivot toward consumers who began shopping online. For Beaver Brook Supplements and other online merchants, the dramatic change in the e-commerce landscape presented both challenges and unintended opportunities.

Over the past few weeks, orders for immune health supplements as well as all other supplements have increased exponentially. “Orders have doubled, revenue has doubled, receiving doubled, but if you’re not set up properly, it can also be a problem.” You need a team who is in a position to meet the increased demand head-on due to unforeseen and dynamic situations that arise from time to time in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.

The Solution

Ahead of the pandemic’s impact, Beaver Brook Supplements reports it used predictive analytics and relied on TruLife’s expert guidance to help forecast demand and get its products in front of the right consumers at the right time.

“There was a little bit of anticipation because we’re always tracking volume. Working alongside TruLife makes us that much better.”

During the rush, TruLife helped create time and resource efficiencies that allowed Beaver Brook Supplements to increase its sales as well as provide a good reorder estimate so that products are in the pipeline.

TruLife is keeping a vigilant eye on our day-to-day performance at delivering on the company’s fulfillment promises, which is very critical to earning (and hopefully keeping) new customer acquisitions that could help the business weather the economic fallout of the pandemic.

All this new volume is exciting because people are trying and discovering us for the first time. Having said that, if we do not deliver excellent service on every occasion then retention becomes that much more difficult, illuminating how important every aspect of the customer journey is. That is why we are in e-commerce – it’s all about convenience and over-delivering on the customer’s demanding expectation and needs. Even more so during such uncertain times, such as the [COVID-19] pandemic.

The Results

While consumers were adjusting to a new normal, Beaver Brook reports its strategic approach to day-to-day operations remained relatively the same. This was thanks to the reliability of TruLife’s robust platform and team of experts from a marketing standpoint as well as warehousing, customer service, and fulfilment from their warehouses. Before the pandemic, the online retailer achieved notable success with a strong digital marketing strategy, which helped it to:

  • Increase revenue by 178% MoM
  • Improve ROAS by 33% MoM

When it comes to dramatic disruptions in the e-commerce landscape, having a strong solution partner that can provide personalized support can make all the difference. “As the coronavirus began to impact every aspect of our business, we were extremely fortunate to work alongside partners like TruLife who once again rose to the challenge(s). Their team is always watching and adapting to our specific needs, as well as those that come without warning.