The Importance of Digital PR In Marketing

Modern marketing is a multifaceted activity. Campaigns include digital tools like emails, social posts, and blog articles. Behind the scenes, things like SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click can drive organic and paid traffic to your campaigns. After the fact, data and analytics can help you identify what worked and where you can make improvements.

Most business owners understand how each of these concepts can impact their marketing efforts. But there’s one item that is often overlooked: public relations. PR is often seen as a big-wig activity that Fortune 500 companies engage in. In the internet age, though, digital PR has become accessible even to the smallest companies looking to grow their bottom line.

What Is Digital PR?

The goal of digital PR is the same as normal PR — growing brand awareness. However, the way that is done is focused on online methods (as one would expect from the name).

Digital Marketing Institute sums this up by saying, “Digital PR is a strategy used to increase awareness of your brand using online methods.” The site adds that the potential audience of digital PR is much larger than traditional PR methods — especially for those with limited resources to work with.

What Does Digital PR Look Like?

There are many ways to engage in digital PR. For instance, content marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) can generate organic awareness of your brand by creating high-quality content that ranks high in search results.

Social media is another way to boost PR. Social platforms enable you to create and cultivate customer communities. You can work with influencers to rapidly spread brand awareness, too.

Perhaps the fastest way to get a digital PR campaign off the ground is through press releases. Publishing a press release does two things. First, it instantly pushes your message out across a huge network of reputable publications.

Second, it gives your brand credibility as a company that A: exists and B: has momentum. This may sound obvious, but creating legitimacy as a brand is invaluable in a world full of scams and oversold online experiences.

Getting a Leg Up With Digital PR

Most digital marketing activities are fairly easy to engage in on your own. Anyone can create a social site or write an email (although doing so effectively often requires the help of a trained professional).

With digital PR, the need for third-party support is more apparent and important. At TruLife, we specialize in getting digital PR campaigns up and running by:

  • Conducting in-depth interviews to understand our client’s brands and offerings.
  • Creating targeted, educational content in the form of press releases.
  • Publishing this content on approved PR platforms where they will receive maximum exposure.

If you’re aware of the need for PR for your brand but are unsure how to get things off the ground, now’s the time to act. Contact our team of marketing professionals, so we can help you create a digital PR strategy that can build brand awareness and grow your business.