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TruLife Distribution Sees Continued Growth for RARI Nutrition

The Sports Nutrition Brand Has Seen Sustained Growth With An Expanded Product Line

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., 7/14/21 Quality products, solid logistics, and excellent marketing are all critical to business success. When the three are combined, it can create synergistic results. Case in point: RARI Nutrition’s continuing success thanks to its quality products and beneficial alliance with TruLife Distribution.

TruLife Distribution CEO Brian Gould says, “It doesn’t matter how good a product is if you can’t get it in front of retail buyers.” At least, that’s the philosophy behind TruLife Distribution’s consistently successful track record in retail distribution. The experts behind the TruLife Distribution brand have created a rock-solid formula that brings distribution, consulting, and marketing together to come through on the company’s promise to “take your brand to the next level.”

Nowhere has this promise of growth been better demonstrated than with TruLife Distribution’s partnership with RARI Nutrition. The sports nutrition brand has seen meteoric growth ever since it hooked up with TruLife Distribution in 2019. RARI Nutrition founder Sean Kelly summarized his initial TruLife experience by explaining back in June of 2020 that “We had some really strong-selling products and we were ready to expand our company across multiple online platforms and additional major brick-and-mortar outlets across the country.” The entrepreneur went on to clarify that “TruLife streamlined that process for us.”

Even in the midst of an unfolding pandemic, the sports nutrition brand found new life when TruLife Distribution connected them with The Vitamin Shoppe, CVS, and many other prominent food, drug, and mass retailers throughout the country. But the growth didn’t stop there. TruLife Distribution knows that marketing is always in motion, and it has put in a ceaseless effort to build on RARI Nutrition’s growing momentum. It has led to a quadrupling of RARI Nutrition’s product line as well as further placement in major retail stores across the country.

A major component of RARI’s recent trend of expansion has been their partnership with TruLife Distribution. TruLife Distribution founder Brian Gould has over 15 years of distribution experience and a venerated track record of helping clients grow their customer base into new retail markets.The brand management agency’s deep pool of resources has been a difference-maker both for RARI Nutrition and countless other brands across multiple industries.

About TruLife:

TruLife Distribution is a marketing and distribution agency. The company was founded in 2019 by Brian Gould, an entrepreneur with a vast quantity of both generational and personal experience in both the manufacturing and retail worlds. Gould launched TruLife Distribution as a long-planned venture to offer his team’s services to both national and international brands that are looking to break into the U.S. health and wellness market.