Is Selling on Amazon Worth It?

Is Selling on Amazon Worth It?

If you’re selling on Amazon, congratulations. You’re part of a forward-thinking business vanguard that is tapping into the power of e-commerce.

The only thing is, so is most of the rest of the world, at this point. In fact, with so much stiff competition out there, we’re willing to bet that your efforts to push your products on the world’s largest e-commerce platform haven’t yielded the results you counted on.

Don’t get discouraged, though. Selling on Amazon is something that takes time and investment. Fortunately, it’s something that we at TruLife Distribution have gotten very good at doing over the years, as well.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind when considering selling on Amazon.

The Pros and Cons of Selling on Amazon

If you assume that Amazon is a magic bullet that will magically jumpstart your sales, think again. There are many pros and cons that come with the Amazon experience.

For instance, on the one hand, you get access to a much higher quantity of potential traffic. You can also build a storefront with minimal effort. Amazon even offers a drop-shipping option if you’re willing to give up some of your hard-earned revenue.

On the other hand, if you sell on Amazon, you need to give up a sizable chunk of each sale to the e-commerce giant. The amount varies, but if you sell a lot of items (which we hope you do) the bill can add up.

In addition, if you don’t have everything just right, you may not get much traffic due to competitors crowding you out. You also need to invest in marketing yourself if you want to be discovered.

Selling on Amazon with TruLife Distribution

When operating on your own, selling on Amazon can feel like a challenging proposition. If you don’t do things the right way, you can end up wasting a lot of time and resources.

If your past experience has found this to be true, though, that doesn’t mean you need to walk away from the Amazon option. All you need is the right partner to help you thrive. Helping other brands stand out on Amazon is an integral part of what we do at TruLife Distribution.

For starters, we operate with a top Amazon seller account. This prestigious status means we move a lot of goods through the Amazon marketplace, and the company has awarded us with a high ranking to prove it. This has the added bonus of giving our products a better chance of standing out in the very crowded Amazon marketplace.

In addition, we have a staff of experienced veteran marketers who are ready to assist in setting up each account. We help with everything from compliance and information to wording and pictures.

This combination of experience and a high Amazon seller rating has enabled us to launch dozens of brands into the sales stratosphere through Amazon’s platform.

Selling through Amazon can feel intimidating — and doing so on your own is definitely overwhelming. The good news is that TruLife Distribution can help you tap into the power of the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace in an effective and profitable manner. We work with you to set your brand up for success in an area of retail that is only growing larger with each passing year. That way, you can keep up with the times …and make some solid additional revenue, while doing so.